Brenner Billy

Description of Art: Hand made Stickball Sticks and everything to do with the game such as Stickball Balls and Portable poles for the growth of the game. Still use the Traditional Hickory trees that I personally harvest from my home in McCurtain County with the expansion of other hard woods such as bois d'arc, oak, ash, and persimmon.

Artist Biography: Halito!  My name is Brenner Billy. I have a long family tradition of teaching culture with Choctaw people and the Choctaw Nation with several years of service. I live in Norman, OK, and have brought my stick making and woodworking along to be with my family. I started making sticks 15 years ago from my dad "Mahli" (whom was taught by his dad Curtis Billy who was influenced by our great uncle the late Clelland Billy) who taught my friends and me a lesson on how to take care of the sticks when we had a limited amount. Ever since then, I felt like I was old enough to contribute and interested enough to continue making them on and off until my son was born. In the last five years, I felt it was my time to be efficient enough to teach him and others to carry on the tradition. I never thought I'd be considered an artist, but someone instrumental in our culture's survival and identity.