Appointments & Registration


All Choctaw Nation clinics operate on a scheduled appointment basis. You can obtain an appointment by calling your clinic during operating hours. Please be prepared to specify the reason for your appointment during the call. If you feel a medical condition needs immediate attention, be sure to let the appointment clerk know. Each clinic has a limited ability to handle same day appointment call in requests. Patients are given these appointments on a first come- first served basis, until they are filled.

If you or a loved one experiences a medical emergency, CALL 911 or rush to your nearest emergency room. Do not delay treatment by stopping at a Choctaw Nation clinic. If your local emergency room is not part of an Indian Health Service or Tribal facility, do not forget to notify the CRC office within 72 hours after start of treatment- (800) 349-7026, extension 6585. Please note that reporting emergency room visits to CRC within the 72 hours time frame does NOT guarantee payment. Minor illnesses or injuries treated in a community emergency room rarely meet guidelines for payment. In these cases, all costs are the patient’s responsibility.


When you come to a clinic for an appointment, the first person you contact will be one of our patient registration professionals. These individuals are responsible for ensuring all personal information is current. They will ask the following:

  •  Patient’s name and date of birth
  •  Patient’s non-expired state issued driver’s license or photo ID
  •  Any changes in patient’s mailing address, physical address, and/or telephone number (this is important so staff can notify you of any test results)
  • Any change in patient’s next of kin or emergency contact information
  • Proof of Native American/Alaska Native descendancy (CDIB, Tribal Membership, etc.)
  • Patient’s insurance information (a copy of your insurance cards will be requested; medical, pharmacy, dental, vision, etc.)
  • To complete a survey each visit if the patient has Medicare and another insurance
  • To complete a new consent for treatment form each year

The above information is required and must be kept current. Our registration personnel make an effort to recognize your medical condition and treat you with care and respect. If visiting the Choctaw Nation Health Care Center you will receive a patient wristband. The information contained on the band is used for patient safety purposes. The band should be worn throughout the clinic visit. When you are ready to leave, please have a clinic employee remove and dispose of the wristband.