Child Care Centers

Our Purpose…

  • To provide a safe and nurturing environment;
  • To teach children respect by respecting the individual needs of each child;
  • To promote school readiness by enhancing a child’s total development;
  • To promote learning through play and social interaction;
  • To provide the highest quality of culturally appropriate child care to all children;
  • To form partnerships with families to support a child’s emotional well-being; and 
  • To educate the community about the potential for learning and growth in your children.


We believe that children are active learners and are able to learn volumes through the simplest of activities and experiences.  We strive to better understand the way children learn and support that learning by providing opportunities for children to choose their own play.

A child’s job is to play, and we provide many developmentally appropriate programs and activities that focus on learning while also helping them be successful at their job.  We not only encourage learning, but a love of learning.  We believe that most of life’s learning, including how to learn, occurs in the first five years of life and that each new discovery and milestone is vital to a child’s total development.

We believe that children are individuals. We are committed to supporting them by encouraging each unique developmental level and learning style, as well as temperament, personality and cultural background.  We do not believe in a “one size fits all” classroom, but an environment where each child has the freedom to learn, create, and enhance his or her own talents and abilities.  We provide a learning environment that is safe, clean, healthy, and child friendly.

We also believe that the main component of quality child care is the sensitive and highly trained caregiver.  We take great pride in the care that our staff provides for our children and believe that in order to best serve a child’s needs, close cooperation is needed between parents/guardians and staff.  We support our teachers with training, resources and the freedom to create a unique learning environment in which each child can thrive.

We support the vision, mission, and creed of the Choctaw Nation. We also believe that a large part of our role in the mission is to keep the language and culture of the Choctaw people alive and active in its children.