Work-Ready Skills Initiative

Career Development's Work-Ready Skills Initiative can provide training and an opportunity to earn a credential which shows employers you possess the key skills they need --Soft Skills-- and are Work-Ready!

Work-Ready Skills Incentive Option #1:

Conover Credential:  Available online through the Career Development Program. Tribal members may earn the credential through completion of the online assessments and lessons.

*Supplemental in-person classes will be offered by the Career Development staff on various dates and locations.


  • Job Readiness Credential -- Topics (8): Attitude, Communication, Planning & Organizing, Critical Thinking, Interpersonal/Social Skills, Teamwork, Professionalism, Media Rules
  • Job Keeping Skills -- Topics (3): Getting off on the Right Foot, Getting Along in the Workplace, Performance Reviews.

Job Readiness Credential     $200

Job Keeping Credential         $100

Total Incentive:                      $300

Work Ready Skills Initiative - Online

Work-Ready Skills Incentive Option #2:

Microburst EmployABILITY Credential:

  • Credential to be offered through Kiamichi Technology Centers (and some other Technology Centers) for individuals enrolled in their full-time programs.
  • Students/Clients must earn the credential at the Technology Center and submit a copy of the certificate to the Career Development program to earn the incentive.

Total Incentive:                      $300


  • Choctaw Tribal Members/Career Development clients who are seeking to improve their career opportunities.
  • Must be 18 years of age to earn the incentive.
  • Individuals may earn only one Work-Ready Skills incentive (maximum of $300) per lifetime.
  • Career Development provides this incentive with the goal of assisting tribal members in pursuing successful careers.

Career Development Program | 866-933-2260

Contact Becky Hilton or Rhonda Mize for details

Work Ready Skills Initiative - PDF


Work Ready Skills Credential & Incentive Instructions - PDF