The Choctaw Nation is committed to making sure every Choctaw student is successful during their educational years.  As our students excel in school, we want to recognize them for their hard work. The STAR Program is an incentive program for Choctaw members enrolled in 2nd-12th grades.  It rewards them for their academic excellence and encourages success in the classroom.

Choctaw students at many Oklahoma schools are automatically entered into the STAR Program.  Please review the list of participating schools on the application link to see if your child’s school is listed.  If it is, check with your school’s Johnson O’Malley (JOM) program to make sure that your child is recorded there as a Choctaw member.  If they are, no application is needed each semester and incentive awards will be sent automatically to the school for your child. 

If your child’s school is not listed, please complete the application either online or by clicking the link for a paper application to apply for incentive awards to be mailed directly to your child’s home address. 

Contact the Choctaw Nation Membership Department at 800-522-6170 if you need to verify or apply for membership status for your child.

    • STAR awards are only given twice a year for each completed semester.
      • *If your school does not have semester grades, the following   scale applies:
      •  1st & 2nd Nine Week Grades (or 1st & 2nd Block   Grades) = Fall
      •  3rd & 4th Nine Weeks Grades (or 3rd & 4th Block   Grades) = Spring
    • Students attending schools with trimester grading terms is as follows:
      •  Fall Semester : Trimester 1
      •  Spring Semester: Trimesters 2 and 3
    • To qualify for Perfect Attendance, a copy of the student’s official attendance record is required.

        Incentive Awards

    • Recognition each semester (twice per academic year)
    • All A’s - $25 Gift Card
    • A’s & B’s or All B’s - $10 Gift Card
    • Perfect Attendance - $25 Gift Card
    • (School Policy Honored)

    Click Online STAR Application

    Click Paper STAR Application

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