Honoring Those We've Lost 2020


In remembrance of those who passed in 2020, Chief Batton has issued a proclamation declaring February 18, 2021 a National Day of Remembrance in the Choctaw Nation.

Hvpim akania tuk a, holitobli cha ikanohmi micha ikana yohmi ka nan aiya micha nuktanla eisha he il im ahni.
We honor the lives of those we have lost and wish comfort and peace for their loved ones.

How to Submit Obituaries

Obituary submissions are for Choctaw Nation tribal members only and are free of charge. The Biskinik will only accept obituary notices from funeral homes.

Family members/individuals may submit funeral notices as long as the notice is from the funeral home or printed in their local newspaper through a funeral home service.

Full-length handwritten notices will not be accepted. The Biskinik strives to serve all Choctaws; therefore, any handwritten notices received will be searched online for official funeral home notices. If none are found, efforts will be made to contact the family and make arrangements for an official notice.

Due to space limitations, there is a 150-word limit for obituaries. The online issue of the Biskinik will contain links to the full obituaries.

Contact the Biskinik staff at biskinik@choctawnation.com. You may also mail in obituaries to the following address:

PO Box 1210
Durant, OK 74702