District 3, April 2023

By Tribal Councilmember Eddie Bohanan
April 3, 2023


District 3 is certainly ready to welcome spring and the warmer weather that will soon follow. As I travel between Talihina and Smithville, I see the flowers beginning to bloom, the green in the grass, the new growth on the trees, and it reminds me of how blessed we are to live within the Choctaw Nation.

The foliage is not the only new growth taking place in District 3. The construction on the 3 Rivers Meat Processing Plant in Smithville has begun. The region’s economic impact and the approximate 15 available jobs is exciting new growth. The tentative opening that we all look forward to will be in September.

In Talihina, there is much excitement around the growing numbers of participants attending and participating in a new venture taking place at the Senior center.

A “Choctaw Social” is hosted on the first Thursday of each month at 5:30 p.m. This event aims to promote the learning and use of the Choctaw language in our daily lives. This Social has been attended by first-language speakers from the Smithville area, other surrounding districts and many speakers/instructors from the CNO Language Department located in Durant. It is very encouraging to see how many of our tribal members are interested in preserving the Choctaw language by learning from our first language speakers. We hope the Choctaw Social will continue to grow. Come join us. Everyone is welcome. For more information, contact Raymond Johnson at 918-658-8885.

In an effort to raise funds and to have the chance to use the Choctaw language themselves, the Smithville and Talihina Senior Citizens have joined forces to make and sell a CD of 20 Choctaw Hymns. More information on availability for this CD will be forthcoming.

I had the opportunity to attend the McCurtain County and LeFlore County Premium Livestock Sales. Watching the boys and girls of FFA and 4-H show their skills and display their hard work while showing their animals makes me proud to know that we have so many young Tribal members involved. Choctaw Nation understands and supports these young members as they learn discipline, patience, and responsibility while caring for their animals.

Exciting happenings are coming to Choctaw Nation – everything from building resorts and apartments to opening plants and having Easter Egg hunts. Be sure to join us for Chief Batton’s Easter Celebration April 08, 10:30 a.m. at the Tvshka Homma Capital Grounds. Hope to see you there!

Remember to check your Tribal Membership ID expiration. For questions regarding your Tribal Membership ID card, please contact the Tribal Membership Department at 580-634-0654.