July 2023 Biskinik

July 2023


Indian Child Welfare Act

Supreme Court upholds Indian Child Welfare Act

The US Supreme Court upholds ICWA with a 7-2 vote, protecting Native American children from being removed from their tribal communities for fostering or adoption.

Project Pelichi

Project Pelichi hosts seventh annual STEAM Camp

Workshops, college trips and tours and cultural enrichment among the many things available at the seventh annual Project Pelichi STEAM Camp.

Jones Academy Graduating Class of 2023

The Choctaw Nation's Jones Academy graduates five in 2023.

Trail of Tears Cycling Team

The Trail of Tears: Why we remember

The Choctaw people were forcibly removed from their homeland 193 years ago. From 500-mile bike rides to memorial walks, descendants of the people who made that fateful journey remember the strength and sacrifices of their ancestors in their own way.

Ishtaboli Iti Fabvssa

Choctaw stickball, the game of our ancestors

After hundreds of years of playing stickball the sport continues to thrive in the Choctaw Nation.

Carole Ayers Artwork

Keeping Our Heritage: Choctaw People, Life, and Kinship

Choctaw artist Carole Ayers' work is currently on display at the Choctaw Cultural Center. Carole's watercolor paintings illustrate various aspects of Choctaw heritage and celebrate culture in its diverse forms.

Extreme heat expected this summer

Parts of the country have already experienced above average temperatures. As summer begins, more above average temperatures are expected.

Memorial Day 2023

Memorial Day Ceremony 2023

The Choctaw Nation 2023 Memorial Day ceremony was held at the Choctaw Capitol Grounds at Tvshka Homma.

Outreach at the Beach

2023 Outreach at the Beach

Games of beach volleyball, important program information, food and fellowship were offered at the 2023 Outreach at the Beach held on June 7 at Sardis Lake in Clayton, Oklahoma.

Choctaw Cultural Night

Choctaw Cultural Night (Photo Gallery)

Magnolia Festival kicked off with extended cultural center hours and sticball exhibition game.

Leadership Speaks

A perfect time to say Yakoke to the Choctaw Health Care System

Choctaw Nation Health Services continues to expand and provide exemplary service to tribal members.

District 3, July 2023

Remembering those that have come before us, those that have served us, those that sacrificed, and those that are still sacrificing, princess pageants and graduations all going on in District 3.

District 4, July 2023

Memorial Day, elder appreciation, and a ribbon cutting among the many things that recently happened in District 4.

Throwback message: Put up thy sword

In Matthew 26:52 we read the response of Jesus. Then said Jesus unto him, “Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.”