District 3, July 2023

By Tribal Councilmember Eddie Bohanan
July 5, 2023

Remembrance. The act of remembering.

As I reflected back over the past few months, I realized that we had devoted a lot of that time remembering those that have come before us, those that have served us, those that sacrificed, and those that are still sacrificing.

We celebrated our elders on Elder Appreciation Day, our ancestors with the Trail of Tears walk, and our veterans on Memorial Day. These are the ones whose strength, perseverance and wisdom that has brought us to today’s Choctaw Nation, a thriving tribe that I am proud to have the honor of serving.

As Councilman for District 3, I am privileged to have the opportunity to see, meet, and work alongside those that will be taking the tribe forward.

The school year ended, and I met many graduating seniors. The Choctaw Nation District 3 Princess pageant was held, naming the new District 3 Choctaw princesses. Our Chief and Asst. Chief will be serving another term, and my wife and I welcomed a new granddaughter. The future of the Choctaw Nation does look bright.

Congratulations to the graduating seniors, Chief Batton and Asst. Chief Jack Austin Jr. and welcome to the 2023/2024 District 3 Chahta Princesses.

District 3 Little Miss Addyson York, District 3 Junior Miss Emma Battiest, and District 3 Senior Miss Diamond Henry.

I am very proud of each of these young ladies, and I know they will serve the Nation well.

Chi Pisa La Chike