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Biskinik Assistant Chief’s Column

Celebrating Social Work Month

March is Social Work Month, and the 2023 theme is Social Work Breaks Barriers.

Biskinik Leadership Speaks

District 11, March 2023

Spring is around the corner. It's always beautiful and exciting to see leaves back on trees, green grass and warm weather! It's also a blessing to work with Chief Batton, Assistant Chief Austin and the Tribal Council as we look for ways to better serve our "Okla Chahta" (Choctaw people) with more opportunities.

Biskinik Leadership Speaks

Valentine’s Day

The concept of love is deeply rooted in the Bible. There are four types of love: storge, philia, eros and agape.

Choctaw Ranches

Biskinik Leadership Speaks

District 10, March 2023

The Choctaw Nation, Atoka Community and Reba McEntire have partnered together for an exciting grand opening of Reba's Place in downtown Atoka, Oklahoma.

Biskinik Assistant Chief’s Column

Heart healthy for February

American Heart Month brings awareness to the factors surrounding heart disease, like symptoms, complications and risk factors.

Wall Breaking Ceremony

Biskinik Leadership Speaks

District 6, February 2023

It is a new year, which means there are new beginnings, and we are looking forward to this year, believing that good things are ahead for us.

Biskinik Leadership Speaks

New Wine in Old Bottles

The Christian life is a renewing process that will only be completed once the believer reaches home. Thus the Christian life today is a process of new wine placed in a changing bottle.