Choctaw Nation sends aid to Standing Rock Reservation

Choctaw Nation Communications Division

Choctaw Nation tribal employees, Jeff Hansen, Payton Guthrie, Daron Sharp, and Jesse Pacheco, load supplies from a local hardware store to deliver to the Lakota Sioux at Standing Rock reservation. 

Members of Choctaw Nation help Camp Security Jimbo Simmons, member of the Choctaw Nation, raise the Choctaw flag.

September 7, 2016

The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma took steps today to show solidarity with the protest of a oil pipeline through the reservation located on the Northern Plains.Representatives of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma traveled to the Standing Rock Reservation to deliver supplies to the Lakota Sioux who are fighting for their right to protect their environment, their culture and their land. The representatives included Senior Executive Officer Jesse Pacheco, Executive Director of Emergency Management Daron Sharp, and Director of Emergency Management Jeff Hansen. 

Chief Gary Batton saw the group off on their trip to deliver supplies such as tents, sleeping bags, chainsaws, generators, and propane heaters. Due to cooling temperatures, representatives are also delivering cold weather gear. 

“Part of my job that I take very seriously is being able to help others. The fact that we have the capacity to not only help our citizens but also are able to reach out to other tribes is a huge benefit for our people and other nations,” said Hansen. 

Chief Gary Batton has expressed his support of the cause. 

“We are united with Standing Rock Sioux. They're our fellow brothers, they're our fellow Native Americans, and we want to show our support in their cause to protect their environment and their culture,” said Chief Batton.