Choctaw Nation Ag Outreach and POSSE Team Up in the Classroom


by Choctaw Nation Ag Outreach

Choctaw Nation Tribal Agent Macy Vansickle teaches students from the Choctaw Nation POSSE program about fruits and vegetables and where they come from. Students were also given information on the Atoka Farmers’ Market.



Choctaw Nation Agriculture Outreach believes partnering with other Choctaw Nation programs can only improve and expand the level of outreach and education to Choctaw Nation’s tribal members, communities and youth. That is why Agriculture Outreach was proud to partner, yet again, with the Choctaw Nation Partnership of Summer School Education (POSSE). 

For the past two years, Ag Outreach has been fortunate to have received the UDSA 2501 Socially Disadvantaged, Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Grant from the USDA Office of Outreach and Advocacy. 

Through this grant, Ag Outreach has been able to bring agriculture to classrooms across Choctaw Nation all year round.  

Throughout the summer, Choctaw Nation Ag Outreach traveled across southeast Oklahoma to bring agriculture to the classrooms of summer schools throughout Choctaw Nation. 

The Ag Outreach program offered lessons that ranged from dairy production to fruit and vegetable production; each lesson encompassing the value of agriculture and where our food comes from. 

Each agricultural lesson, not only showed students a different aspect of agriculture and how it affects their daily lives, but also gave them a hands-on experience of working with various agricultural products. 

“We’re planting the seeds for future agriculturalists. Getting them interested and involved at a young age ensures that we have people to produce food for our future,” said Nikki Schuth-Mitchell, Tribal Extension Agent and Project Manager for the 2501 Socially Disadvantaged, Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Grant. 

The Tribal Extension Agents of Agriculture Outreach have a passion for the Agricultural Industry and use every opportunity to share that industry with the young minds of our future generations. 

For more information about Ag in the Classroom or agricultural youth activities, you can contact Nikki Schuth-Mitchell at (580) 924-8280 ext. 2987


by Choctaw Nation Ag Outreach

Choctaw Nation Tribal Extension Agent Nikki Schuth-Mitchell teaches students about dairy science while giving them the hands-on experience of milking Bessie the cow.