Applications for Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program Available February 1


The Choctaw Nation WIC Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program and Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program begins on Wednesday, May 1.

Senior Farmers’ Market participants will start receiving applications in the mail on Friday, Feb. 1.

As in previous years all seniors who were served the previous year will be on the mailing list.

If you are a Native American senior, 55 years or older and meet income guidelines, go to the nearest Choctaw Nation Community Center on or after Friday, Feb. 1, and request an application be mailed.

Or, seniors can contact Peggy Carlton at the number below and request an application be mailed to them.

WIC participants may start requesting farmers’ market checks from their local WIC clinics on Wednesday, May 1.

Participants do not have to wait for their WIC appointment to receive their checks. 

They can walk in and request their farmers’ market checks.

To avoid long waiting periods be sure to call ahead and ask about a convenient time.

Participants must be in a current certification with Choctaw Nation WIC and receiving benefits to qualify for farmers’ market checks.

Per federal regulations infants must be at least four months old on the day of their appointment to receive farmers’ market checks.

Both WIC and Senior Farmers’ Market Programs are federally funded and are on a first-come first-served basis until funding is depleted.

For more information, questions or concerns please contact Peggy Carlton at (580) 916-9140, ext. 83822.

Biskinik January 2019