Update from Chief Batton: Oct. 6, 2020

Updates from Chief Batton

An important part of sovereignty is making sure our story is told and told correctly. I've been interested in our history for a long time, and it's my pleasure to announce our publication of the "Oklahoma History Supplemental." A PDF version is also available.

The purpose of this brief publication is to allow teachers and schools within the Choctaw Nation reservation to introduce and explain this summer's U.S. Supreme Court case, McGirt v. Oklahoma, to their students. That case reaffirmed Indian rights in eastern Oklahoma and will surely go down as an important turning point in the history of the Choctaw people.

Oklahoma History textbooks in use across the state are incorrect — they say tribal governments, sovereignty and reservations ended in 1907. We needed to find a way to explain to students why their textbooks say something else. We have worked with all three textbook publishers, and corrections will be introduced into future editions used in Oklahoma schools. In the meantime, we have a story to tell.

For additional information see our recent story in Biskinik, "Supreme Court Ruling Could Rewrite History Textbooks." It will provide you background. Yakoke, God bless — and happy reading!

Oklahoma History Supplemental

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