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FY 2021-2025 Strategic Goals and Strategies

Published Oct. 11, 2021


It's October and the start of a new fiscal year for the Choctaw Nation!

As we embark on a new and exciting year, I wanted to take the time and share with you our strategic goals and strategies for fiscal years 2021 through 2025.

Our first goal is to support service delivery to improve quality of life. Enhancing the well-being of tribal members is very important, and we'll do so by advocating, allocating resources, and remaining committed to improving quality of life and tribal member self-sufficiency and independence.

The second goal is to strengthen financial growth and economic stability. We want our businesses to grow, our costs reduced, and strengthen local economies.

Our third goal is to protect and promote Choctaw culture and exercise sovereignty. The Choctaw Nation will assert, defend, protect, promote and exercise our rights as a sovereign nation to improve the economic, environmental, social, and cultural prosperity.

The fourth goal is to become the employer of choice. The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma wants to attract, retain, and support professional growth to develop a diverse workforce for the Nation and our local communities.

Our fifth and final goal is to achieve digital transformation. We want the Choctaw Nation to be strategically positioned in the digital economy through access to broadband, adoption and implementation of systems, workflows, analytics, and innovation.

We want our tribal members, associates, and local economies to thrive, and we feel that these five strategic goals will lead us to success.

Yakoke and God bless!

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