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Chahta Culture

Published July 19, 2021


This is an exciting week for the Choctaw Nation! After more than a decade of research and work the Choctaw Cultural Center will officially open on July 23rd.

The Cultural Center is such a significant project, because it perpetuates the Choctaw culture. It's a place for the Chahta proud, our allies and partners to share and celebrate our many traditions.

The Cultural Center is also important because it is a place to instill pride in who we are, to learn the stories of our ancestors, and a place to learn how to live out the Chahta spirit.

Our Choctaw culture means everything to me. It is the foundation that our ancestors have built for us, and it is our responsibility to carry on into the future for our youth. Our culture is what makes us unique and defines who we are as Chahta people.

We have so many unique traditions, from our language, to stickball, to our social dances. They all have impacted me and are deeply rooted in our history to live out our cultural values.

I encourage our elders, tribal members, and the Chahta proud to visit the Cultural Center and reflect on what Choctaw culture means to you.

Yakoke and God bless!

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