Tvshka Homma Community LunchPhoto by Christian Toews

The first ever Tvshka Homma community lunch was held on December 7, 2023. Those in attendance enjoyed food, fun and fellowship with members of their community.

Tvshka Homma hosts first community lunch

By Christian Toews
February 1, 2024

District 7 held its inaugural community lunch on Thursday, December 7, 2023, at the Tvshka Homma cafeteria.

According to Joey Tom, this is a great advantage to everyone in the surrounding area. Because much of the area surrounding Tvshka Homma is rural, many tribal members have to drive quite a distance to attend a community lunch, he said.

“This is an opportunity for them to come out of the small rural areas and come eat and fellowship with one another,” said Tom.

Visiting with tribal members is one of the ways Tom learns about the needs within his district and the Choctaw Nation as a whole.

Tom has often heard the desire for a community lunch in this area.

“It’s truly about our elders because they help pave the way. They want to come together and eat and fellowship, share ideas, and know more about the success of the tribe and the services available,” he said. “We hope to grow it and bring some classes up here and really provide a place for people to fellowship similar to a community center.”

The cafeteria in Tvshka Homma plans to host a community lunch every Thursday. For more information on the program or to receive assistance in attending, please call Senior Nutrition at 918-426-4125.