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Tribal member, Payton Talbolt recently signed a contract with the UFC.

Tribal member signs UFC contract

By Christian Chaney
November 1, 2023

Payton Talbott, a 25-year-old Nevada native, recently signed a contract to fight in the UFC.

The remarkable opportunity came after he broke a bantamweight record for most significant strikes in the history of Dana White’s Contender Series and defeated his opponent, Reyes Cortez Jr., in the third round.

This achievement was incredibly special for Payton; however, it also served as a powerful motivator, inspiring him to push his boundaries and aim for greater heights in the UFC.

“It lit a fire under me because I knew I could’ve done much better in that fight,” said Payton. “I look forward to how much more I can bring to the UFC, and I plan on landing a lot more significant strikes in my future fights.”

At the age of 18, Payton ventured into the world of fighting as a means of finding an outlet for his energy.

Initially, he never envisioned fighting becoming his full-time career. However, after securing victories against high-ranking opponents in his early matches, he realized he might have stumbled upon a new career path.

Payton has remained loyal to the gym where he began his journey at 18, dedicating nearly every day to training there. In his opinion, fighting is one of the most authentic sports to our primitive side of winning and losing.

“There aren’t many rules, and it’s just you and another opponent. It’s just the most true thing to my personality,” Payton said.

Payton describes himself as “someone with a lot of passions and hobbies outside of fighting.”

In his free time, Payton enjoys exhilarating activities like cliff jumping, skateboarding, climbing and other adrenaline-pumping pursuits. He believes these hobbies may contribute to his comfort in the cage, allowing him to enjoy the experience and maintain his composure.

In a recent interview with MMANews, Payton said he loves figuring people out and wants to get everything he can out of his opponent.

“When my opponent is at his best, then I usually fight at my best,” said Payton.

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Payton says he will “know his opponents better than their parents, girlfriends, and some of their very close friends” when preparing for a fight.

Payton is committed to consistency in his training and diet and intentionally surrounds himself with a positive and supportive circle. He prioritizes leading a fulfilling life by engaging in activities that bring him joy, such as skateboarding and music. These activities play an important role in maintaining his mental well-being leading up to his fights.

Currently, Payton is preparing for his next matchup against Nick Aguirre, who boasts an impressive 7-1 record.

This UFC Fight Night event is scheduled to take place in Las Vegas on November 18. Payton’s strategy for the fight revolves around adhering to his signature fighting style, marked by a high volume of strikes.

Payton aspires to remain an active participant in the UFC while being authentic to his own identity.

His plan is to climb the ranks through intense competition, ultimately squaring off against the best contenders and crafting legendary moments that will be etched into history.

“This is where I want to be,” said Payton. “I want to fight the toughest guys, and I want to throw hands with the most dangerous people on the planet, and that is what the UFC is right now.”

Following the UFC, Payton envisions launching a clothing line, continuing his love for music through the form of DJing and conducting psychology research.

Be sure to watch Payton’s upcoming fight on November 18 at 4:00 p.m. CT, available on ESPN+.