Iti Fabvssa

French Fusil De Chasse

Toh – the report of a gun

Choctaw people have been using black powder weapons continuously since the beginning of the 18th century. However, our ancestors first encountered black powder weapons as far back as the 16th century in the hands of Spanish conquistadors.

Saint Stephens Bluff

Choctaw Town of Hobvk Itopa

Some history about the settlements of Hobvk Itopa, a look at an area that Choctaw oral histories and archaeological evidence shows that Choctaw ancestors have lived in for thousands of years.

Choctaw Reservation Map

More Choctaw Place Names in “Oklahumma”

Place names in the Choctaw language are extremely important. They indicate not just a Choctaw presence on the land but often also the way that Choctaw people of the past understood the land and interacted with it.

wheelock church

Wheelock Church: A Brief History

The oldest standing church in Oklahoma was established in 1846 in what is now Garvin, Oklahoma and was built by a Choctaw congregation. It is adjacent to Wheelock Academy, the girls' boarding school. This summer, Choctaw Nation gained ownership of the church.