June 2023 Biskinik

June 2023


Missing and Murdered Indigenous People

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Peoples Update

An update on the Missing and Murdered Peoples movement for 2023.

Tribal Member Voter Registration

2023 Tribal Election Guide

Every eligible tribal member must be registered with the Voter Registration Department to vote in tribal elections.

Sam Brandford and Johnny Bench

Bench, Bradford inducted into American Indian Athletic Hall of Fame

Choctaw tribal member Johnny Bench has been inducted into the American Indian Athletic Hall of Fame at the First Americans Museum in Oklahoma City.

Choctaw Nation National Day of Prayer 2023

National Day of Prayer 2023 Photo Gallery

The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma took part in National Day of Prayer on May 4, 2023. Visitors and associates were invited to take part in the event.

Healthy Aging

Healthy Aging helps elders live a better life

Several programs available throughout the Choctaw Nation help elders live better, healthier lives.

Being trained and prepared ahead of time helps in active attack situations

Active attack situations are on the rise in today's world. Unfortunately, they are also hitting closer to home. Choctaw Nation helps to educate people on how to keep safe during active attack situations.

Adult Education Graduation

CNO 2023 Adult Education Program Graduates

Students from around the United States participated in this program, earning their GED.

Dakota Williams

Tribal regalia bill among 20+ pieces of legislature vetoed by Stitt

The rights of Native Americans to wear tribal regalia during graduations come into question after Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt rejected Senate bill 429.

Stitt’s education tax plan

Governor Kevin Stitt recently celebrated the passage of HB 1934, the Oklahoma Parental Choice Tax Credit Act, in the House of Representatives by a vote total of 61-31.

Leadership Speaks

CNHSA is here to help

We strive as a nation to create one of the most comprehensive healthcare plans for our tribal members so that, during their time of need, the most important question is when I will get back to normal, and not how I will get back to normal.

District 11, June 2023

Welcome to summer. I hope your family has a wonderful time together at the lake, ballgames, or on vacation for the next few months! As we enjoy the outdoors, we can brag about living in the most beautiful part of Oklahoma with many of our Choctaw people in the Choctaw Nation!

Throwback message: What is man?

Man is a reflection of the triune God, which created him. Being a reflection of the triune God, man has three functions. He has a body, soul and spirit.