January 2024 Biskinik

January 2024


2023 Choctaw Nation Year In Review

A year in review: Choctaw Nation celebrates successes of 2023

As a new year begins, let us look back at last year and review what the Choctaw Nation held dear, the opportunities for growth and prosperity we took advantage of, and how we lived out the Chahta spirit through faith, family, and culture.

Seeds In Space

Seeds in space: Choctaw Nation’s heirloom seeds launched to ISS

Native American youth at Jones Academy will study and observe the growth of the seeds upon their return from the International Space Station.

New Year Rezolutions 2024

Tips to help make your New Year’s ‘Rezolutions’ successful

As the new year begins, many people reflect on the last 12 months and consider what they could do better for the next 12. Setting goals for the new year goes back thousands of years; failing at those goals goes back just as far.

Jeremy Gauna

JP Gauna finds success in acting and modeling career

Jeremy "J.P." Gauna was walking to work when he heard that background actors were needed for the crime drama television series Queen of the South. He applied and was hired for a minor background part, leading to a speaking background. That job started it all.

Marvel Echo

Indigenous Representation in Media Series: Part 1

Indigenous actors, directors and writers are now occupying spaces in the spotlight bringing accurate representation and stories to the entertainment industry and the masses.

Choctaw Cultural Center Christmas 2023

Choctaw Christmas at the Cultural Center

The Choctaw Cultural Center celebrated Christmas with several activities for attendees of the special event.

Wilburton Community Meal 2023

Community meals 2023 (Photo Gallery)

Throughout the holiday season, community meals and parties were held at community centers across the Choctaw Nation.

Mia Reich

Mia Reich crowned Junior Miss Indian Oklahoma

Mia Reich is an active member of the Choctaw Nation and her local community. The 15-year-old from Wright City was recently crowned Junior Miss Indian Oklahoma 2024.

Martan Martinez

Aguilera named CEO of Native American Health Center

After 18 years at the Native American Health Center in San Francisco, Natalie Aguilera has been named new Chief Executive Officer.

Patricia Wood

Choctaw Cultural Center hosts community mudding

Early Choctaws would insulate their homes from the harsh winter weather by gathering clay, water, and hay/grass to make sticky mud that would bind between their wooden structures.

Leadership Speaks

Happy, healthy, new you for 2024

As Choctaws, we give back to others without hesitation and help those in need whenever possible. During this time of year, it is a good time to take a step back and give back to yourself to follow up on the season of giving.

New Year’s Resolutions

Another year has come and gone and the mystery of time challenges us. Job had the same question.

District 4 Poteau seniors

District 4, January 2024

District 4 has been abuzz with activity over the past few months, with events that highlight the spirit and unity of the Choctaw community.