April 2024 Biskinik

April 2024


Dylan Grant

Grant finds success through truck driving thanks to help from CNO

Dylan Grant is a truck driver from Lebanon, Oklahoma. Grant used the Career Development Program to attend a truck driving school and obtain a CDL.

University Cork Scholars

Choctaw-Ireland Scholars graduate from University College Cork

Two Choctaw-Ireland scholars, Skylee Glass and Aurianna Jewell Joines, graduated from University College Cork (UCC). The scholarships foster and deepen the ties between Ireland and the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.

Gage Vaughn

Choctaw wrestlers bring home the state titles

Choctaw Nation wrestlers make history and win multiple state titles during 2023-2024 season.

Tucker Dry

Dry continues tradition at Southeastern

Tucker Dry has signed to play football for Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant, Oklahoma, beginning in the fall.

Tvshka Ohoyo Group

Choctaw women’s veteran group, Tvshka Ohoyo Alliance unveiled

A group of Choctaw ohoyo (women) veterans have formed the Tvshka Ohoyo Alliance to foster a community of camaraderie and healing.

Summer Food Service

Healthy nutrition habits set kids up for success

Help ensure that your child lives a strong and healthy life by starting good nutrition habits early.

Choctaw Cultural Center Spring Equinox Celebration

Choctaw Cultural Center hosts Spring Equinox Celebration

The Choctaw Cultural Center hosted a spring equinox celebration where visitors learned about how the changing season were viewed and preserving Choctaw seeds with the Growing Hope Program.

Choctaw Irish Friendship Fest

Choctaw-Irish Friendship Fest

A long-standing friendship with Ireland was celebrated at the Choctaw Cultural Center on March 16, 2024.

Easter Celebration 2024

Chief Batton’s Easter Celebration 2024

The Choctaw Nation Easter Celebration took place on March 9. Kids and adults came out to the Choctaw Nation Capitol in Tvshka Homa for fellowship, food and an Easter egg hunt.

Leadership Speaks

Choctaw Nation Forestry Department

Choctaw Forestry Department moves into new home

The Tribal Forestry Services Department is a forestry wildland fire-fighting unit within the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. In just a few short years, the department outgrew its home, getting a new home in Talihina.

Councilman Jess Henry speaks about the new Dale Cox Community Center coming to Poteau.

District 4, April 2024

With the coming of spring, District 4 has been busy with the yearly events that mark the changing of the seasons, plus a groundbreaking new community center announcement.

Lessons From Green Beans

We can learn spiritual truths from nature. The characteristic of the left-handed green beans can teach us great spiritual truths.

District 3, April 2024

Eddie Bohanan gives an update on what’s going on in District 3 for Spring 2024.