Youth Outreach

Youth Outreach

1-877-285-6893 Toll-Free or 580-326-8304

The Choctaw Nation Youth Outreach Program was established in 2005 and our goal is to assist young Choctaw students in finding solutions for hardships that may occur throughout adolescent and teen years. This program also assists in goal setting, plan development, and preparation for the future. The Youth Outreach program strives to provide services to the Choctaw youth who may need the support or guidance in their lives to become successful in life.

Youth Outreach’s range of services include:
• Mentoring
• Short and long term goal setting
• Locating resources
• Home and school visits’ to clients
• After school activities
• College preparation
• Provide support for Choctaw youth

Eligibility requirements:

Choctaw youth who are experiencing hardship circumstances

Tribal membership card with the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

In grades pre-K to 12th grade

Must be able to receive services in the 10 ½ counties of Choctaw Nation

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