Job for the Day

Job for the Day Program

Job for the Day is a temporary work program which places tribal members into the Choctaw Nation workforce for up to six weeks, in a full time work environment.  While on the program, participants build relationships with employees, learn new work traits, and allowing them to “get their foot in the door” while coordinators work with them to apply for permanent jobs using the Choctaw Careers website.

Program Information

  • Can work up to 6 weeks in program, 40 hours per week at $10.00 per hour
  • Jobs will vary depending on CNO departments that participate and possibly work for multiple departments during their time in program
  • Work opportunities only with Choctaw Nation entities and within the 10 ½ counties
  • JFTD coordinators will attempt to find permanent employment opportunities for participants
  • If permanent employment is not found, participants may be referred  to Career Development and/or WIOA to better prepare them for future job placement


  • Available to Choctaw members
  • Must be fully able bodied to work
  • Cannot be employed full time in another job
  • Must be able to provide your own transportation to and from work

Contact us:

District 7, 9, 10 Choctaw Nation Headquarters (800) 522-6170

Broken Bow
Districts 1, 2
Broken Bow Investment Center
210 Chahta Street
(580) 584-2045

District 3, 4, 5
Stigler Community Center
2208 East Main Street
(918) 967-9376

Districts 6, 11, 12
1636 S George Nigh Expressway
(918) 429-7719

District 8
Hugo Community Center
1304 W. Victor Street
(580) 326-7551 x6101