Injury Prevention Program

Area: All 10 ½ Counties

The Injury Prevention Program was established in September of 2005 with the goal of focusing special attention on activities to prevent or reduce the occurrence of injuries to Native Americans within our 10 ½ counties. Did you know that injuries are the leading cause of death for Native Americans between the ages of 1-44 and the third leading cause of death overall? The highest incidence among Native Americans involves motor-vehicle injuries. The primary focus of our program involves Seat Belt usage, Child Passenger Safety, and Teenage Drinking/Distracted Drivers. Our goal is to reach out through education, community outreach, research, staff training and development, collection and analysis of injury data, and raising awareness to the Choctaw Nation Communities.

The IP program offers child passenger safety seats to eligible participates.

Eligibility guidlines:
• Child must have a CDIB/Membership card
• Be between the ages of 0-5
• Reside within the 10 ½ countiees of Choctaw Nation
• Meet income requirements

Funding made available through a grant from the Department of Health and Human Services Indian Health Services.

Joey Tom, Senior Director
[email protected]

Keosha Ludlow BSW;BHRS, Director
[email protected]
Vllvt Pim Afehna/Injury Prevention/ Youth Stickball League
Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma
Outreach Services division

Specialist, David Lindly

Phone #580-326-8304