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Food Distribution Program Policy Updates

New and exciting news from the Food Distribution Program has been released. Effective Sept. 26, 2013, the Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Service will implement the following rule and regulation: 7 CFR Part 253 [FNS–2011–0036] RIN 0584–AE05 Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations Income Deductions and Resource Eligibility to our guidelines. What this means for the clients we serve and to potential clients in our service area is this:

Overview of the Rule

  1. Eliminate the household resource eligibility criterion.
  2. Expand the current deductions for medical expenses.
  3. Establish a new deduction for shelter and utility expenses.
  4. Add household verification requirements relating to the proposed medical and shelter/utility expense deductions, and revise household reporting requirements

This will increase the possibility of more clients becoming eligible for the program. Clients should call our offices for more information. As with every new fiscal year, the new income guidelines will also go into effect October 1st. However, we have not been given those amounts as of yet by USDA.

Food Distribution Program Applications


For more information, call 580-924-7773.

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