Guiding Adolescent Parents (GAP)

Guiding Adolescent Parents (GAP) was established in October 2010.  The project provides comprehensive and integrated services to improve family health, education, social, and safety outcomes for expecting and parenting teens and their babies by providing medically accurate and comprehensive service including linkages to critical resource, ongoing support for health and education, and positive parenting and relationship skills instruction using an evidenced-based nationally-validated model.


  • Participants must be between the age of 13-21
  • Expecting or parenting a Native American infant under the age of 1
  • Participant must live within the jurisdiction of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma
  • Participant must be enrolled and attending an educational institution within 90 days of enrollment


Sr. Director, Angela Dancer
Phone # 580-326-8304 or 877-285-6893

Director, Rebecca Morris
Phone # 580-326-8304 or 877-285-6893

Ruthie Cannon, GAP Support Specialist
Leflore, Haskell, Latimer
Phone # 580-317-3863

Shonda Shomo, GAP Support Specialist
Counties: McCurtain, Leflore and Pushmataha
Phone # 580-580-372-1341

Ashley Steed, GAP Support Specialist
Counties: Choctaw, Bryan, Atoka and Pushmataha
Phone # 580-317-6617

Tara Bradley, GAP Support Specialist
Counties: LeFlore, Latimer and Haskell
Phone # 580-745-4966

DeeAnn Goodwin, GAP Support Specialist
Counties: Pushmataha, Pittsburg, Atoka, Coal and Hughes