Choctaw Nation Recycling Center

Recycling Center Re-Opens

The Choctaw Nation Recycling Centers, located at 3408 Wes Watkins Blvd. Durant, OK and 304 Kerr Ave. Poteau, OK will re-open to the public on Monday, May 18. The centers are open Monday – Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

List of Recyclables (PDF)

Location     Address     Town     County
Atoka Field Office   1410 S. Gin Road   Atoka   Atoka
Caney School   301 North Cobb   Caney   Atoka
Kiowa Praise Church   Hwy 69 South   Kiowa   Atoka
Stringtown Casino   893 Hwy 69/75 N   Stringtown   Atoka
Stringtown Travel Plaza   895 Hwy 69/75 N   Stringtown   Atoka
Tushka School   2661 W. Boggy Depot Rd.   Tushka   Atoka
Bokchito City Hall   117 E. Main St.   Bokchito   Bryan
Caddo Public Schools   600 S McPheren Ave   Caddo   Bryan
Calera Baptist   Third and Ryan   Calera   Bryan
Ricks Boots   800 S. Service Rd.   Calera   Bryan
Blackburn Plumbing   4912 SE 3rd   Durant   Bryan
Bryan County Health Department   1524 W. Chuckwa   Durant   Bryan
Choctaw Cultural Services   4451 Choctaw Rd.   Durant   Bryan
Choctaw Nation Headquarters   1802 Chukka Hina   Durant   Bryan
CNO Recycling Center - Durant   3408 Wes Watkins Blvd   Durant   Bryan
Dollar Tree/Shoe Department   519 University Place   Durant   Bryan
Durant Clinic   1801 Chukka Hina   Durant   Bryan
Durant Library   1515 W. Main Street   Durant   Bryan
Kopper Kettle   215 West Main   Durant   Bryan
Landmark Bank   900 West Main   Durant   Bryan
Rib Crib   311 Westside Dr..   Durant   Bryan
WIC   Washington Street   Durant   Bryan
Exploration Outfitters   6782 US 70   Mead   Bryan
Choctaw Tribal Services   304 Chahta Circle   Hugo   Choctaw
Hugo Environmental Office   104 Ed Perry Road   Hugo   Choctaw
Hugo Field Office   408 N. M Street   Hugo   Choctaw
Hugo Housing   207 Jim Monroe Rd   Hugo   Choctaw
Hugo Travel Plaza   West Jackson St.   Hugo   Choctaw
Clarita Fire Department   Corner of 3rd and Frisco St.   Clarita   Coal
Coal County Courthouse   4 N Main St   Coalgate   Coal
Coalgate Fair Barn   Railroad St   Coalgate   Coal
Coalgate Field Office   103 E California Ave   Coalgate   Coal
Coalgate High School   2 W Cedar Ave   Coalgate   Coal
Cottonwood School   Hwy 31 2 Miles NE   Coalgate   Coal
Lehigh Community Center   corner of Hwy 3 and 10th St.   Lehigh   Coal
Philips   Corner of Hwy 3 and 2nd St.   Lehigh   Coal
Olney Fire Department   RR 5 Box 1480   Olney   Coal
Grandpappy Point   132 Grandpappy Dr.   Denison   Grayson
Stigler Field Office   120 N. Broadway   Stigler   Haskell
Stigler Travel Plaza   120 N. Broadway   Stigler   Haskell
Murray State College   1 Murray Campus St   Tishomingo   Johnston
Sooners Food   101 South Byrd St   Tishomingo   Johnston
B&B Handy Stop   123363 SE Hwy 2   Buffalo District Valley   Latimer
Red Oak   North East Division   Red Oak   Latimer
Wilburton City Hall   301 W. Main   Wilburton   Latimer
Wilburton Field Office   515 Center Point Road   Wilburton   Latimer
Howe High School   21444 E. North Railroad   Howe   Le Flore
Ron's Discount Lumber   Hwy 59 N   Howe   Le Flore
Pocola City Hall   204 S. Pocola Blvd.   Pocola   Le Flore
CNO Recycling Center - Poteau   304 Kerr Avenue   Poteau   Le Flore
Poteau City Hall   111 Peters St   Poteau   Le Flore
Poteau Field Office   109 Kerr Ave.   Poteau   Le Flore
Poteau Food Distribution   100 Kerr Ave   Poteau   Le Flore
Poteau High School   100 Pirate Lane   Poteau   Le Flore
Smithville Field Office   HC 15 Box 2000   Smithville   Le Flore
Spiro Field Office   19400 AES Road   Spiro   Le Flore
Talihina Elementary School   600 1st Street   Talihina   Le Flore
Talihina Field Office   201 Dallas St.   Talihina   Le Flore
Talihina Travel Plaza       Talihina   Le Flore
Wister Public Schools   201 Logan St   Wister   Le Flore
Kingston City Hall   22 N. Main St.   Kingston   Marshall
LaGrande Mexican Restaurant   2005 N. 1st   Madill   Marshall
Broken Bow Field Office   210 S. Chahta Road Broken Bow   Broken Bow   McCurtain
Idabel Field Office   2408 E. Lincoln Road   Idabel   McCurtain
Idabel Health Clinic   902 Lincoln Road   Idabel   McCurtain
Idabel High School   901 Lincoln Rd.   Idabel   McCurtain
Idabel Shopping Center/Casino   1421 E. Washington   Idabel   McCurtain
Idabel Travel Plaza   2449 E. Washington   Idabel   McCurtain
McCurtain Co. Solid Waste   2302 NE Lincoln Rd   Idabel   McCurtain
Wright City Field Office   5718 Rodeo Grounds Rd   Wright City   McCurtain
Crowder Field Office   707 Bond St.   Crowder   Pittsburg
Haileyville City Hall   510 N. Main Street   Haileyville   Pittsburg
Hartshorne Elementary School   821 Arapaho Ave   Hartshorne   Pittsburg
Lovera's   96 NW 6th St   Krebs   Pittsburg
KTC-McAlester   301 Kiamichi Drive   McAlester   Pittsburg
McAlester Travel Plaza   1632 George Nigh Expressway   McAlester   Pittsburg
Parker Intermediate School - McAlester   1310 N 6th St.   McAlester   Pittsburg
Will Rogers Elementary   1200 E. South Ave   McAlester   Pittsburg
Antlers Field Office   400½ SW St.   Antlers   Pushmataha
Antlers Food Distribution   306 S.W. “O” St.   Antlers   Pushmataha
Antlers Travel Plaza   1319 W Main St   Antlers   Pushmataha
Clayton Elementary School   1st Street   Clayton   Pushmataha
Pushmataha Family Medical Center   109 Stanley Rd   Clayton   Pushmataha
Moyers School   Hwy 2 North   Moyers   Pushmataha
Tuskahoma Capital Grounds   Tuskahoma   Tuskahoma   Pushmataha