Choctaw Women Leaders

Chahta Ohoyo Tikba Hikia (Choctaw Women Leaders)

Chahta Ohoyo Tikba Hikia “Choctaw Women Leader” serving Native American women in the McCurtain County area. 

The Chahta Ohoyo Tikba Hikia Program is an effort to help Native American Women in the McCurtain County area become more employable, marketable and self-sufficient.

Participants will be taught leadership, entrepreneurial skills and become experts in homeownership, financial literacy, and energy efficiency measures.   

Specialized training will be provided to these future entrepreneurs in marketing, business plans, financial statements, financing and other assistance in order to guide the participants through the entire process of business start-up.

 Funded by:  United States Department of Agriculture

 Program offers the following:

Entrepreneurial training

Homeownership training

Energy efficiency


Traditional Choctaw basketry or pottery during monthly meetings

Sr. Director Joey Tom
Phone # 800-522-6170

Director, Melissa Cress
Phone # 580-326-8304