Community Health Representative (CHR)
Since 1969 the Choctaw Nation has provided the CHR Program for those Native Americans residing within the tribal service area of the Choctaw Nation boundaries. This program is designed to assist Choctaws and other Native Americans maintain the health of themselves and their families. Services are provided to those individuals who have a CDIB. There are no income guidelines for eligibility. The CHR Program can do many things to assist clients such as taking vitals, glucose monitoring for diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol diet education, patient education, maternal and child health, drug and alcohol abuse counseling, patient assessments, medical referral follow-up care, as well as the provision of many other health care services.

Oma Clay - CHR Director
Antlers Field Office
Cell 580-271-1033

Pushmataha County
Bea Williston
Cell 580-775-5259

Atoka County
Kathy Moore
Cell 580-513-5102

Bryan County
Angela Hall
Cell 580-775-5447
Pam Wilson
Cell 580-931-7128

Choctaw County
Shirley Peters
Cell 580-317-5820
Rabette Stotts
Cell 580-317-5790

Coal County
Becky Pickens
Cell 580-258-0258

Haskell County
Tanya Leach
Cell 918-448-7328

Latimer County
Lori Pugh
Cell 918-448-7340

LeFlore County
Yvette Edwards
Cell 918-448-7341
Thelma Hickman
Cell 918-448-7342
Norma Anderson
Cell 580-916-2763
Denise Sanchez
Cell 580-775-1649
Priscilla Ward
Cell 580-775-4044

McCurtain County
Darlene Noahubi
Cell 580-317-5835
Broken Bow
Gloria Battiest
Cell 580-236-2760
Linda Wade
Cell 580-236-1135
Kay Baker
Cell 580-740-4127
Margaret McKinney
Cell 580-212-1339
Wright City
Loretta Heaberger
Cell 580-212-3087

Pittsburg County
Susan Baggs
Cell 580-775-7713
Stacy Robertson
cell 918-470-1702

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