Johnson O’Malley Program

The Johnson-O’Malley Program provides supplemental funding to contracted public schools within the Choctaw Nation’s service area.  These funds are used to meet the specialized and unique educational needs of eligible students.  Eligible students are Native Americans from age 3 to grade 12, who are verified as members or whose parents are members of a federally recognized tribe, except those students who are enrolled in Bureau or secretarian-operated schools.  The JOM Program has approximately 70 participating schools, serving in excess of 12,000 students. 

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Shane Haddock, Director

800-522-6170 Ext. 2258
[email protected]

June Praytor, Program Coordinator

800-522-6170 Ext. 2423
[email protected]

Jessica Huffman, Program Coordinator

800-522-6170 Ext. 2213
[email protected]