Labor Day Festival Arts and Crafts Vendor Application

Halito! The following information will help guide you through the needed information for completion. If you have any questions, please contact Kerry Steve at 800-522-6170.

The deadline to apply has passed, but you can still submit an application and it will be added to a waiting list.

  1. Applications will be available online to all vendors through June 16th:
    1. Choctaw Artists
    2. Other Tribal Artists
    3. Non-Tribal Artists
  2. Supporting documentation must be submitted with the application:
    1. Tribal Membership card
    2. Choctaw Artist Registry number or verification
    3. Photos of craft items
    4. Photo ID
  3. Applications must be submitted and received online through the Choctaw Nation website.
  4. The Labor Day Arts & Crafts Coordinator will receive, date and file applications along with the required supporting documents.
  5. Incomplete applications will not be considered for selection and will be returned to the artists. Applications must have all supporting documentation to be considered.
  6. The Labor Day Arts & Crafts Coordinator and Arts & Crafts Committee will choose the vendors and notify applicants.
  7. Applications received after June 16th will be automatically put on the Vendor Waiting List.

** Receipt of application does not guarantee booth space **