Choctaw Country Market








The first Choctaw Country Market is a one-stop-shop for patrons featuring a full service grocery store and gas station. The market includes a comfortable sit-down deli area where customers can enjoy delicious made-to-order meals for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  And for those on the go, the deli provides pre-packaged meals. The on-site butcher prepares fresh cut meat daily including chops, steaks and ground meats.  It also features fresh produce and common household products. 


Staying true to Choctaw heritage, the market features murals depicting cultural aspects of the Choctaw Nation.  The gas station has 10 pumps including four diesel.  Choctaw Country Market employs approximately 28 people from the surrounding community.  It is conveniently located at the intersection of Highway 271 and Highway 2 in the former Clayton Country Store building.

“We are excited about our first market in the 10 ½ counties.  It provides jobs and one-stop shopping convenience to residents in and around the Clayton area.” said Choctaw Nation’s Chief Gary Batton.

For more information, contact Tim Locke or call 580-924-8280 ext. 2935.