Hunting and Fishing FAQ

Who is eligible for the Choctaw Nation Compact License?

Choctaw Nation Tribal Citizens who reside in the state of Oklahoma.

What is the time frame?

The new compact will start January 1, 2017

Watch this video for directions on applying for the license. 

The online application is now available for tribal citizens.

The 1st batch of licenses will be issued between January 1, 2017 and January 31, 2017.

What do I receive? For ages 16 and Older.

1 combo Hunting and Fishing License

Up to 6 deer tags

Up to 4 Turkey tags

Waterfowl Stamp

Trapping License

Fur Bearer License

Waived access fee to public areas of Three Rivers and Honobia Creek

Traditional Hunting and fishing methods are defined and tribal citizens may practice these methods i.e. atlatl, spear thrower, rabbit stick, and blow gun

What do under age 16 tribal citizens receive?

1 Combo Hunting and Fishing License

1 Deer tag

1 Turkey tag

** Youth still have to pass the Oklahoma Hunter SafetyCourse before they can get their Compact License.**

What if I reside outside the state of Oklahoma?

The Tribal Council have agreed to reimburse out-of-state Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma tribal citizens half of their cost for an out-of-state OKLAHOMA hunting and fishing license.  The cost for non-resident hunting is $142.00 so the rebate would be $71.00.  The non-resident Fishing is $55.00 with a rebate of $27.50.   This reimbursement will be available beginning in 2017.

What if I am a lifetime license holder?

You can still apply for this license. This license provides a waiver for the land access fee for Three Rivers and Honobia Creek Wildlife Management areas.

What does the Choctaw Nation receive?

The recognition by the state to honor our traditional Hunting and Fishing rights.

Management and cooperation on Lake Nanih Waiya.

Partnerships with the state for conservation.

Benefits for Choctaw Nation tribal citizens in the entire state of Oklahoma.

Continual growth of our culture through traditional hunting and fishing.