Ellis, Elizabeth Frances

Elizabeth Frances Ellis
Submitted by: Elizabeth Ann (Taylor) Nored

Elizabeth Frances Ellis was born 01-13-1872 and died 04-29-1922. She was ½ Choctaw and married Benjamin Franklin Platt. They had ten children, five girls and five boys as follows: Leo, born 03-12-1897 and died 08-06-1899; Mary Etta, born 03-14-1899; Gracie Jewel, born 12-01-1900 and died 10-16-1907; James Oliver, born 08-04-1902; Beulah Viola, born 01-25-1904; Frank Clifford, born 12-02-1906 and died 08-06-1907; Thomas Jefferson, born 03-18-1908 and died 08-06-1908; Maggie Bell, born 06-14-1909; Sadie Ray, born 05-28-1912; J.G. Platt, born 09-11-1916 and died 10-05-1916.

Benjamin Platt ran a grocery store in Moyers, Oklahoma, to make his family’s living. Two of his ledgers are still intact from where he sold his goods. He was of Irish and French descent.

Elizabeth Ellis Platt was enrolled by her mother then after she had her children, the census was take, they enrolled her as Elizabeth Frances Platt and cut her degree of Indian blood from ½ to ¼. This, in turn, made her children 1/8 which also cut her grandchildren to 1/16.