Tribal Elections

Updated August 8, 2015

Election Results

District #2 Runoff
Unofficial Results

Hand count: 49
Absentee: 178
Broken Bow: 203
Bethel: 44
Total: 474 (42.9%)

Hand count: 45
Absentee: 237
Broken Bow: 323
Bethel: 46
Total: 651 (57.1%)

Official Results
Official Election Results July 11, 2015 (PDF)

Candidate & Tribal Election Information

Candidate Information
2015 Election Insert  (PDF)

Tribal Election Information
Election Absentee Ballot Policy (PDF)
Choctaw Election Ordinance (PDF)
Election Candidate Insert Policy (PDF)
Candidate Guide (PDF)
Campaign Contribution Disclosure Form (PDF)

The Choctaw Nation Tribal elections are held every four years to elect Tribal officials. Choctaw Indians who are registered to vote and have their Tribal membership cards will be eligible to vote in the Tribal elections. 

Election Reform Committee Summary Meeting 01 (PDF)
Election Reform Committee Summary Meeting 02 (PDF)

Voter Registration

Election Board Contact

P.O. Box 748
Durant, OK 74702-0748
Fax: 580-920-1132 
Phone: 580-924-8280 or 1-800-522-6170 Ext. 2199, and 2536