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Did you know.....

In the era of the Golden Gate Bridge's construction, workmen knew a grim rule of thumb: on average, one worker would be killed for every million dollars spent on a high-steel construction project. Image-conscious chief engineer Joseph Strauss wanted his project to be the exception. Strauss invested hundreds of thousands of dollars -- Depression-era dollars -- to improve equipment and safety standards for his workers.

In 1936, when delays slowed construction on the Golden Gate Bridge, Strauss invested over $130,000 in a novel safety feature: a vast net -- similar to a circus net -- suspended under the bridge. The safety net extended ten feet wider than the bridge's width and fifteen feet further than the roadway's length. It gave workers an abiding sense of security as they moved more freely -- and quickly -- across the slippery, half-constructed steel. "There's no doubt the work went faster because of the net," said Lefty Underkoffler, a Golden Gate bridgeman. Some workers were positively giddy about the innovation, so much so that they had to be threatened with dismissal so they wouldn't dive into the net for thrills.


Vision Statement 

~ Living Out the Chahta Spirit Through Faith, Family and Culture ~

Our Philosophy of Safety & Health

The Office of Occupational Safety & Health and the Choctaw Nation values our associates, which is our greatest assets.  Our goal is to create a safe and healthy work environment for all Choctaw Nation Associates.  We are committed to developing and maintaining the highest standards of a safety culture and holding true to the values of Faith, Family, and Culture.  We strive to reduce workplace injuries and illnesses, reduce stress, promote higher morale, and create a “No Fear” environment.  By utilizing best safety practices, training all associates, and working together as a team we will create a Safety Culture that sets the bar for all others.


Serving the Associates of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma