High School Career Expo

High School Career Expo

Wednesday, Oct 26, 2022 · 10AM

This event will deliver career exploration experiences for high school students in grades 11-12 through engagement with business and industry representatives and colleges/training facilities. Designed to provide key experiences required by the ICAP legislated high school graduation requirements for Oklahoma students.

Featuring a motivational message from Mark Robinson, nationally known motivational speaker, and traditional Choctaw cultural enrichment experiences. Following the opening session of the event, students will explore interactive sessions and engage with vendors who will provide interactive, career-relevant demonstrations and presentations on multiple careers available within SE Oklahoma and across the nation. Other sessions will include applicable topics such as career planning, financial aid and planning and job searching skills.

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Why should high school students attend?

  • Hear nationally known motivational speaker Mark Robinson.
  • Explore multiple career options relevant to your interests that are available within SE Oklahoma and across the nation through presentations from employers, subject-matter experts, training providers and schools.
  • Meet key ICAP graduation requirements (Oklahoma students).
  • Interact with employers to learn about career opportunities they offer and how to gain the skills and knowledge required for employment.
  • Engage with technology center and college representatives who can offer guidance on how to access education and training that leads to your desired career.
  • Learn about financial aid opportunities.
  • Be inspired to reach your career goals and dreams.


Southeast Expo Center
4500 US-270
McAlester, OK 74501


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