Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance 

Just when you think you have life all figured out, along comes another challenge. Whether the Challenge is big or small, your Life Assistance & Work/Life Support Program is available to help you and your family find a solution and restore your peace of mind. All associates will have access to the website and/or telephone number so they are able to contact someone for assistance any time of the day or night. Get extra support for handling life’s demands, call for advice or a referral to a service in your community. This benefit is free 7 days a week 24 hours a day, call and get the assistance you need to help resolve life’s challenges.


Not only do we offer Life Assistance sources we also have legal sources available as well. below are some of the following resources and legal documents you are able to have right at your fingertips:

Educuational information about estate planning issues, receive access to a variety of legal documents such as Durable Power of Attorney, Living Will, Standard Will, Medical Treatment authorization and Identity Theft. Customize your plans for both you and your spouse, use the guidebooks, planning tools and more to help you prepare for you or a loved one’s final arrangements. Get organized and create a valuable record of information for your family with the Personal Information Organizer, protect your identity with an Identity Theft Kit, including materials on prevention and victim resolution actions. This benefit is also FREE to all associates of the Choctaw Nation.