C.N.G.C Staff

Paula Penz - Senior Director of Choctaw Nation Gaming Commission

The Senior Director of Choctaw Nation Gaming Commission oversees the Gaming Commission, Integration and Surveillance staff and meets with NIGC Regional staff, Oklahoma Compact Compliance Officers, Choctaw Tribal Council and Choctaw Business Committee as requested.  The Senior Director prepares and submits annual budgets for Gaming Commission, Integrations and Surveillance, and electronically approves time cards, EANs and purchase orders for these departments.  The Senior Director approves the issuance of all gaming licenses for all Casino associates and vendors as well as facility licenses for each location.   The Senior Director has the ultimate responsibility of making sure Choctaw Casinos are in compliance with federal state and tribal regulations and in order to be successful they must ensure that the Gaming Commission staff is organized, well-managed, qualified and properly trained.

Kyle Norman - Project Manager

[email protected]

The Gaming Commission Project Manager assists the Commissioner with ensuring projects and initiatives are being completed in a timely manner.  He works to ensure operational objectives are met by contributing information and recommendations to strategic plans and has general oversight of the Gaming Commission when the Commissioner is offsite.

Lisa Garrett - Compliance Officer 

[email protected]

The Gaming Commission Compliance Agent assists Law Enforcement Agencies with any criminal investigations or completes internal investigations as necessary.  They also review all criminal trespass admonishments issued by casino management and security and oversee the problem gambler self ban program.   

Brent Williams - CJIS Officer 

[email protected]

The CJIS Officer ensures agency compliance with the FBI and NIGC Privacy and Security Rules concerning Criminal Justice Information.  

Licensing Department

The Licensing Department issues gaming licenses for Key & Non-Key (Staff) associates that work within Choctaw Casinos.  Gaming Vendors as well as Non-Gaming Vendors are also licensed through the Licensing Department.  The Licensing Department follows the Choctaw Gaming Ordinance, National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC) Minimum Internal Control Standards (MICS) and the Oklahoma Tribal State Compact.

Tammy Hash - Licensing Manager 

[email protected]

The Licensing Manager oversees all Licensing Agents and reviews all associate investigations to insure they are complete and in compliance with the required regulations.  The Licensing Manager also monitors various computer databases to ensure proper records are maintained for auditing purposes.

Krystal Martin - Administrative Assistant
(580) 924-8112 Ext. 1361
[email protected]
Elizabeth (Beth) Thompson - Administrative Assistant
(580) 924-8112 Ext. 1362

The Administrative Assistants, under the direction of the Licensing Manager, assist all departments and ensure the office runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.  They answer the phone, greet visitors, review gaming applications and print licenses.


Licensing Agents 

Licensing Agents perform an extensive background investigation on all associates.  This includes criminal, civil, employment, and financial histories as well as any other information deemed necessary to make a decision regarding the eligibility and issuance of a Choctaw Gaming License.

For questions about a Key Gaming License contact one of the following Licensing Agents:

Tina Rogers - Vendor Licensing Agent
(580) 924-8112 Ext. 1363
Megan Springer - Key Gaming License Renewals Agent
(580) 924-8112 Ext. 1370
Lisa Taylor
(580) 924-8112 Ext. 1369
Lori Dillard
(580) 924-8112 Ext. 1360
[email protected]
Teresa Pittman
(580) 924-8112 Ext. 1038
[email protected]
Rhonda Glover
(580) 924-8112 Ext. 1368
[email protected]
Angel Tyson
(580) 924-8112 Ext. 1356

Key Gaming License Renewals

All key gaming licenses must be renewed every two years.  A small renewal application must be completed and submitted along with a copy of your current driver’s license.  Other information may be requested including a current address verification (if it can’t be verified by your credit report or driver’s license), copies of any new professional licenses and statements regarding any civil, criminal or credit issues that haven’t previously been submitted.

Staff Licenses

Staff (yellow) licenses are issued to associates in non-cash handling positions which usually include:  restaurants, EVS, maintenance and hotel.  Staff licenses do not have expiration dates.

Internal Audit Department  

The Choctaw Gaming Commission Internal Audit Department was established to comply with the National Indian Gaming Commission's (NIGC) Minimum Internal Control Standards (MICS).  We provide an objective, independent, appraisal that measures and evaluates the adequacy of controls of all Choctaw Casinos and their associates and ensure compliance with Federal, State, and Tribal Regulations.

Internal Audit Manager

The Audit Manager oversees the Internal Audit Department which includes the scheduling of the numerous MICS audits required by the NIGC for each casino.  Each audit performed also requires a written report and a response from the Casino Department Manager as well as a follow-up.  The Audit Manager works closely with the Casino Compliance Department and the external audit firm.  The Audit Manager also reviews and approves Casino policies and procedures and updates the Tribal Internal Control Standards (TICS) as needed as well as oversees the monthly financial statement review and verification of NIGC and state compact payments.

Internal Auditors

Internal Auditors complete audits, prepares audit reports that detail their findings and review audit responses.

Emily Davis - Manager

(580) 924-8112 Ext. 1376
Dalene Wright
(580) 924-8112 Ext. 1377
Lanie King
(580) 924-8112 Ext. 1735
Sandy Hampton
(580) 924-8112 Ext. 1375 
David Jordan
(580) 924-8112 Ext. 1385 
[email protected]
Shakera Gilbert
(580) 924-8112 Ext. 1364 
[email protected]
Kennedie Edge
(580) 924-8112 Ext. 1387 

Technical Compliance Department

The Choctaw Gaming Commission Technical Compliance Department is responsible for helping meet all of the machine, software and vendor requirements of the State Gaming Compact, NIGC MICS and the Choctaw Nation Gaming Commission.

Technical Compliance Manager

The Choctaw Nation Technical Compliance Manager is responsible for the development and administration of the Technical Compliance department.  This position is also responsible for upholding the gaming regulations as adopted by the Choctaw Nation Gaming Commission, National Indian Gaming Commission and the State of Oklahoma Tribal Compact.

Technical Compliance Agents

The Technical Compliance Department receives, tests, and tracks all game software and seals it after it is placed into the game.  The Technical Compliance Department receives, tests, and tracks other software for Kiosks, electronic table games, shufflers and progressive controllers. They also must be present for all WAP (Wide Are Progressive) Jackpot verifications before they can be paid.  The Technical Compliance Department works closely with the Casino Slot Operations Managers to schedule game additions, removals, repairs or changes and schedules their staff accordingly. The Technical Compliance Department performs various gaming machine audits and compiles audit report. The Technical Compliance Department also tracks all gaming machine inventory and updates and enforces the Machine Shipping Requirements and the Vendor Tribal Internal Control Standards (TICS).

Michael Robison -  Manager

(580) 924-8112 Ext. 1374 
Roy Robinson 
(580) 924-8112 Ext. 1367 
[email protected]
Shelly Malaney
(580) 924-8112 Ext.1383
[email protected]
Krista Walker
(580) 924-8112 Ext.1322

Surveillance Department

The Casino Surveillance Departments are staffed and maintained as required by federal regulations.  The Surveillance Department staff constantly monitors the general activity of the Casinos, specifically focusing on cash intensive areas such as the cage(s), vault(s) and table or card games.  The Surveillance Department assists Law Enforcement, Insurance Department and Gaming Commission by providing video and documented timelines for incidents, shortages or investigations. 

Tommy Sutherland - Surveillance Director

(580) 924-8112 Ext. 1373 
Gayla Adcock - Senior Surveillance Manager
(580) 924-8112 Ext. 1791 
[email protected]
Jackie Collier - Surveillance Operations Officer
(580) 924-8112 Ext. 1171
[email protected]
James Love - Northern Regional Surveillance Manager
(580) 924-8112 Ext. 1792
[email protected]
Alisha Daniel - Southern Regional Surveillance Manager
(580) 924-8112 Ext. TBD 
[email protected]
Caleb Spence - Regional Game Protection Manager
(580) 920-0160 Ext. 1413 

Integrations Department

The Choctaw Integration Department is responsible for the installation, set up maintenance and trouble-shooting of all surveillance equipment in operation at Choctaw Nation Casinos.

Jason Banks- Integration Manager

(580) 924-8112 Ext. 1128 
Brett Green Lead Integration Technician
(580) 924-8112 Ext. 1371 
Shane Sorrells Lead Integration Technician
(580) 924-8112 Ext. 5244  
Jason Culbreath
(580) 924-8112 Ext. 1371 
Daniel Robison
(580) 924-8112 Ext. 1371 
Jimmy Smith
(580) 924-8112 Ext. 2126 
Kyle Armstrong
(580) 924-8112 Ext. 2126 
[email protected]
Scott Bruton
(580) 924-8112 Ext. 1371 
[email protected]
Abraham Sogoba
(580) 920-0160 Ext. 1371 
Alan Gibson
(580) 920-0160 Ext. 1371
Dustin Humphrey
(580) 920-0160 Ext. 5218

Off Site Field Agents

Our off-site agents are based at a location other than the main office of the commission and assist in the completion of gaming commission duties.

Field Agents have been hired and stationed at Pocola, Idabel and Grant in order to better serve these areas. Field Agents fingerprint new associates and help complete their background investigations.  They also verify WAP jackpots and work closely with gaming machine vendors on game changes, additions, removals and repairs.

Cassie Wagley
(580) 924-8112 Ext. 2102
[email protected]
Heavener, Pocola, Poteau, Stigler & Wilburton
Choctaw Gaming Commission
Dusty Pettyjohn
(580) 924-8112 Ext. 5212
[email protected]
Antlers, Grant, & Hugo
Choctaw Gaming Commission
Linda Williams
(580) 924-8112 Ext. 2101
[email protected]
Heavener, Pocola, Poteau, Stigler & Wilburton
Choctaw Gaming Commission
Dee Robinson
(580) 924-8112 Ext. 5630
[email protected] 
Idabel & Broken Bow
Choctaw Gaming Commission