Tribal members encouraged to check identification card expiration dates

By Christian Chaney
January 3, 2023

Tribal Membership ID cards will begin expiring in Jan. 2023.

The expiration date on tribal membership cards are for ID purposes only.

An expired card does not impact tribal membership status. However, once the card expires, it can no longer be used as a form of ID.

Tribal Membership ID cards are federally recognized identification. This means the photo, security features and ID expiration date on your Tribal Membership Identification Card are within federal compliance to meet security standards as an official ID.

The Tribal Membership ID cards are considered an all-in-one card and include the individual’s tribal membership information, CDIB and photo for identification purposes.

According to the Choctaw Nation Tribal Membership Department, owning a Tribal Membership ID card is vital to exercising tribal sovereignty.

To renew your Tribal Membership ID card, tribal members must complete an application and submit a valid photo identification and passport-style photo.

Valid photo identification includes, but is not limited to, a non-expired Tribal Membership Identification card, state-issued identification card, state-issued Driver’s License, Military ID, student/school ID, passport and SmileSafe photo card.

Tribal members are welcome to renew their cards in person in the Membership Department at the Choctaw Nation Headquarters.

For questions regarding your Tribal Membership ID card, please contact the Tribal Membership Department at 580-634-0654.