Broken Bow JOM awarded Exemplary Program Award

Broken Bow JOM

At the National Johnson O’Malley Conference in Chicago, Illinois, on September 13, 2023, the Broken Bow JOM program was awarded the highest possible honor for a school, the Exemplary Program award.

Annette Jefferson, JOM parent committee secretary, Faith Parra, high school AILYC sponsor and Connie Phillips, middle school AILYC sponsor traveled to Chicago to receive the award.

The Broken Bow program was chosen because of the hard work and dedication by the Broken Bow JOM parent committee and their support of AILYC students who perform social dancing, play stickball, and participate in numerous cultural and community activities throughout the school year.

“We are so very proud of our JOM program and look forward to continuing great achievements,” said Philips.

JOM is a federal program that provides educational and cultural support to Native students. The local program funds many of the activities in which AILYC students participate throughout the year, such as ribbon skirt and moccasin-making classes, social dance lessons and stickball lessons.

Other parent committee members include Camille Tehauno, Carrie Ward, Cynthia Shomo, and Chelsea Lewis.