Betty Karbo and family Photo by Chris Jennings

Betty Karbo, front with her daughter Julie Prowdly and granddaughter Carly. Karbo has been attending the Trail of Tears walk since 1992. This was Carly's first year to attend.

Michigan Choctaw preserves memories of Trail of Tears Walks

June 1, 2022

Betty Karbo of Cadillac, Michigan, has traveled to Tvshka Homma yearly since 1992 to attend the Choctaw Nation Trail of Tears Walks.

Though she was born in Talihina, Oklahoma, Karbo said she married a military man, and they ended up settling in Michigan. Michigan is far from her original home, but Karbo said she has loved coming to the walks and can’t miss them. “When you start walking, you can almost be with your ancestors. It’s a wonderful thing we do to honor our ancestors.”

Karbo, 77, said that she got excited when she found out the walk would be happening this year. Her 21-year-old granddaughter has always dreamed of meeting her Oklahoma family and doing the walk with her grandmother, who will be accompanying her.

Each year that Karbo has attended the walk, she has purchased a t-shirt commemorating the event. She had some of the shirts made into a quilt and planned to use this year’s t-shirt to make a pillow.