Justin Lee Fox Photo Provided

Tribal member Justin Lee Fox fronts the American rock band Fox and the Red Hares

Fox and the Red Hares finding their rhythm after pandemic

By Christian Toews
November 1, 2021

Fox and the Red Hares are an American rock band from Riverside, California. Members of the band include Justin Lee Fox (lead vocals, guitar), Jose Nevarez (drums), Jeff Subauste (bass) and Lucas Schneider (keyboards, harmonica).

Justin Lee Fox is a proud Choctaw tribal member. According to Fox, his grandfather began telling him about the Choctaw culture when he was very young. He told him stories and inspired him on a lifelong journey to connect with his Choctaw roots.

Fox said that his Choctaw heritage has influenced the music and stories that he has written. “I think it’s influenced me in many ways. One of them is the storytelling I do through music,” he explained.

According to Fox, he was artistic from a very young age and was involved in theater as a child.
“I started off as a theater kid. I was really into acting and singing,” Fox said. Fox picked up a bass guitar at 17 and then transitioned to the guitar around 19.

Fox said he has been writing music and playing in bands ever since then.

He started Fox and the Red Hares about five years ago, and they have released two albums since then.
Justin said that the COVID-19 pandemic impacted their ability to perform. “We played our last show right before the first COVID-19 lockdown,” he explained. “When you love to play, and when you love to entertain, it’s a part of you. When you have to be isolated for an entire year, it drives you a little crazy. You want to go out and perform and be with your band, and we couldn’t even have band practice.”

According to Fox, things are beginning to open back up slowly, and they have recently started rehearsing again. The band has used the time away from performing to write new songs and work on a music video releasing soon. Justin encourages everyone to support local artists.

“Support artists you love because if you don’t, they will break up and be gone,” he said. Fox encouraged every artist or anyone interested in music to have patience and keep working.

“Just keep working at it. Don’t give up. There have been times when I thought I would just sell my music equipment and do something else. The biggest thing is don’t lose hope. Just keep going even if it’s just for you,” Fox said.

He also highlighted the importance of humility and being a nice person in the music industry.

Fox and the Red Hares music is available on all major music services. You can also find more information and upcoming events on their website at foxandtheredhares.com.