Family Wellness Month

By Assistant Chief Jack Austin Jr.
May 1, 2022

I hope you all have been enjoying spending time with your families!

We have reached the month of May, and this month marks Family Wellness Month. Family Wellness Month encourages healthy family lifestyles and habits and acknowledges the importance of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health in happy, functioning families.

The Choctaw Nation values family. In fact, it is one of the key components of the Chahta Spirit. A fitting example of the Nation’s commitment to family wellness is our Chi Hullo Li Residential Treatment Center. The name Chi Hullo Li means “I love you” in the Choctaw Language.

The Chi Hullo Li Residential Treatment Center was built in 2001. The Center offers a 3-month residential substance abuse treatment pro-gram for Native American women and their children. It provides a diverse experience that encompasses cultural and spiritual identity, physical and emotional health, education, and effective parenting.

“Chi Hullo Li views the path to recovery as a holistic approach,” noted Krista Fincher, Chi Hullo Li Director. It is our cultural component that sets us apart and allows the women to reconnect with their Native identity.”

Clients report that Chi Hullo Li is a life-changing experience. So, if you know of a woman and her children who may be in need of Chi Hullo Li’s service, please call 888-449-2905.

God bless.