Delton Cox retirement ceremony Submitted Photo

Delton Cox was presented with a Pendleton blanket by Chief Gary Batton during his retirement ceremony in April.

Delton Cox celebrates retirement

June 1, 2022

On April 20, 2022, the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma celebrated the retirement of long-time Tribal Councilman Delton Cox.

Chief Gary Batton presented Cox with a Pendleton blanket, thanking him for his years of service during and before his time on Tribal Council.

Cox served as an administrator of Jones Academy and the tribal treasure before being elected as a Tribal Councilman. Cox was also a member of the Constitutional Committee for the 1983 Choctaw Constitution, serving as one of two neutral members.

Before his time with the Choctaw Nation, Cox was an educator for many years.

Cox has spent most of his adult life sharing the history of the Choctaw Nation with others.

One of the gifts presented to him during his retirement party was a scroll titled “Hear Ye, Hear Ye” from the Spiro Senior Citizens. The document told the life story of Delton Cox.

Delton served on the Choctaw Tribal Council from 2001 until his retirement in 2021. In total, Cox dedicated 20 years of service to the tribe.

“I have the greatest respect for Delton and was happy to honor his servant’s heart and lifetime of dedication to the Choctaw People,” said Chief Batton.