Ninja Warrior Photo by Christian Toews

McAlester Taekwondo instructors teach students at different stations throughout the morning during the ninja warrior camp.

CNO partners with McAlester Taekwondo for Ninja Camp

By Christian Toews
September 1, 2023

The Choctaw Nation’s Behavioral Health Department partnered with McAlester Taekwondo to host the first Ninja Camp this July.

McAlester’s Boys and Girls Club became a training ground for kids from across the Choctaw Nation aged 6-12.

The kids had the chance to learn from experts in Taekwondo about staying active, how to be kind and even empowerment to stop bullying.

From kicking practice to picking up beans with chopsticks, these kids had fun and learned essential life skills.

Around 66 kids from the Choctaw Nation reservation participated in the ninja camp.

To learn more about upcoming events, visit or Choctaw Nation on Facebook.

Photos by Christian Toews