Jerry C. Ingram

Description of Art: This is me wearing a double layer cape coat Southeastern style. I made the coat from elk hide decorating it in seed beads in a traditional design. I also sewed the cotton shirt, beaded the necklace and carved the war club from hardwood.

Artist Biography: Born in Battiest, OK and educated in local schools.  I attended the Institute of Amerian Indian Art in Santa Fe, NM and earned a BA in commercial art from Okmulgee, OK State University. While working in the commercial art world, I painted in watercolors and taught myself beadwork and quill work exhibiting my work in galleries, art shows and museums across the country. I also was a wax carver for many years carving for various jewelry stores and corporations and for myself. I'm now retired in New Mexico, where I continue my art surrounded by my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

107 19th Street SE

Rio Rancho, New Mexico 87124