Patricia Bazzle

I am a decorative Artist using Acrylic paints, I paint on Canvas, Mailboxes, Pottery, wood and more.

I have loved drawing as long as I can remember and my grandmother taught me how to Crochet blankets at an early age and my drawing went to charcoal and pencil drawings to learning to paint floral scenes in acrylic and have been painting for 20 years or more.

Several years ago we finally found my grandfather's name on the Dawes Roll along with his Mother & Father and his Brothers which was very Exciting for us.

One of My Aunts had started researching and after a year or research she finally had everything we needed to receive our Choctaw Blood Cards which is Amazing and we are continuing to Learn more about our Family all of the time.

In a Recent Visit from SC and Kansas two of my Aunts were able to visit the Reservation and Met even more Family and Found a Family Cemetery that was all grown up but the nice owner had kept it there all these years and some of our Family was able to go clean it up and fix some of the headstones - wish I could have been there for the wonderful experience they had doing this.

So Proud of our Heritage and am starting to cross over and paint more native American items so keep checking back.

222 Barons Road
Summerville, SC 29483