2020 United States Census

Thank you for completing the 2020 Census, each person represented $39,000 in funding for their local and tribal communities.

The Choctaws' History with the Census

The census has always been important to the Choctaw Nation, both in early times and now. This legislation by the General Council of the Choctaw Nation, passed into law in 1884, clarified and codified specific procedures for carrying out its national censuses. These were conducted on a county-by-county basis by the county sheriffs, and the results were archived at the Capitol in Tvshka Homma.

Following Oklahoma's statehood most Choctaw government records were removed from Tvshka Homma by the federal Commissioner to the Five Civilized Tribes. They are now on file in the Indian Archives Division of the Oklahoma Historical Society. An inventory of them is available.  Microfilm copies are available in the Choctaw Nation tribal headquarters.

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Census RecordsThis census was conducted by Choctaw officials in Wade County, Choctaw Nation, during the 1850s. The county, which no longer exists, included present-day Clayton, Tvshka Homma and Talihina. Farm life was important, and the Choctaw government recorded each family’s respective livestock brand—distinctive notches made in each animal's ears.