Connecting Kids to Coverage


This is a two-year cycle funded grant, and Choctaw Nation has had the privilege of being this grant recipient since 2013!    The grant funding supports activities that identify children who are eligible for Medicaid (referred to as Sooner Care in Oklahoma) and helping their families enroll and/or renew their insurance coverage.   With this grant, Choctaw Nation was able to hire additional staff to be able to go out into the 10 ½ counties and provide insurance outreach, screen uninsured Tribal members as well as uninsured individuals to see if they qualify for FREE or low-cost health coverage! Sooner Care is health insurance administered through the State and the enrollment is open year around.  Coverage is offered to children and even parents may be eligible for health benefits too.  With health insurance, kids get the medical care, vision, and the dental care they need to keep them healthy and strong.


To ensure all children in Oklahoma have the medical coverage they deserve.


  • Live within the 10 1/2 county area of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma
  • Children under the age of 19
  • Adults with children under the age of 19
  • Pregnant Woman
  • Men and Women 19 and over with family planning needs.


Sr. Director Brian Wren
(580) 924-9706  E. 83803

Director Sherrie Varner
(580) 916-9140 ext. 83808

Outreach Coordinator Aloha Toombs


Outreach Coordinator Dakotah Tillery



Choctaw Nation Tribal Services
PO BOX 1577

Durant, Oklahoma 74701

Phone # (877)240-2725